(PREORDER) Witch Creek Road Yearbook Edition Hardcover
Witch Creek Road

(PREORDER) Witch Creek Road Yearbook Edition Hardcover

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**Product anticipated to be shipped in October**

THE ELEVATOR PITCH: Witch Creek Road follows a group of high school seniors who, after taking a wrong turn, find themselves in the midst of a summoning-gone-wrong. At its core, it's survival horror, but it's also a story about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy, flesh-eating demons. Because every story needs sexy, flesh-eating demons.

Still not sold? You can actually read the entire story for free over on Webtoons. So don't be shy: head on over there and read away. If it turns out this story isn't for you, that's cool. Thanks for checking us out. But if you enjoyed it, here's your chance to own a physical version of the first story-arc!

WITCH CREEK ROAD the yearbook edition

Ever since Kenan and I started Witch Creek Road, the end goal has been to print physical copies. As such, everything was produced as traditional sequential art, which was then converted into the vertical scroll of the Webtoons format. In other words, there's no messy "format conversions" required.

Mockup of Witch Creek Road Yearbook Edition cover


To me, it fit the theme. This is a story about high school seniors. Also, there was already a yearbook motif present within the original Witch Creek Road comics, in the form of the "In Memory Of" pages - and so I figured, Why not take this one step further? Why not design this edition with the aesthetic of a yearbook in mind?

Plus, I just find yearbooks fascinating.

Full disclosure: I hope to one day see this story published by a publisher, distributed by Diamond Distribution, and available in comic shops. But whatever version that ends up being won't be this version. Because I have a hard time believing the publisher is going to say, "Oh, sure, let's pay to add a bunch of unnecessary pages simply to perpetuate the yearbook aesthetic. Yeah, let's make the cover the school logo, instead of anything recognizable from the comic. Oh, and let's make it hardcover. That's super cost effective!"

So, no: I'm taking advantage of my creative freedoms here to create the version of the book I want.


  • Case bound (hardcover) binding with gloss lamination and 105lb interior page weight (glossy), to give the book a nice "yearbook" feel
  • 163 pages of sequential art, including some pages never included in the Webtoons version
  • "In Memory Of" pages previously unpublished on Webtoons
  • Covers, including 3 alternate "retro" variant covers
  • Pinups
  • A credits page in the form of a yearbook "Faculty" page
  • A "Letter from the Principal" foreword
  • Yearbook divider pages to appear between issues and epilogues

The end product will be a beautiful 220-page, full color, hardcover collected trade paperback.

DISCLAIMER: US and International fulfillment is being handled by a company located in the United States. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantage is that shipping (for US backers) will be significantly cheaper, reducing shipping costs from about $30-35 down to $13.

The disadvantage is that books will be unsigned. I mean, at best it would have only been me (the writer) signing them anyway, as everyone else involved lives overseas. And I'd much rather save people some money rather than to pretend my signature is worth $20.